Slim Speedy Shakes Vs Medifast Shakes – A Comparison

I get a ton of email messages asking me to examine medifast goods to other diet plan products.  A person quite well-liked ask for is to appear at the two the medifast and trim rapid shakes side by facet.  So, in the next write-up, I am going to do just that.

Alternatives / Flavors: It employed to be that medifast won in this group arms down as it boosts it is “standard” 55 shakes as properly as the greater protein 70 wide range, the prepared to consume selection, the hunger suppression, the diabetic choice, the joint overall health, the women’s health and fitness, the prepared to drink, and the momentum metabolic rate boosting. Just about all of these have several flavors readily available so there are tons of different possibilities and kinds right here.

Not too long ago even though, slender quickly has occur up with some much more possibilities in addition to the “first” line.  There is a now an “optima” line which is said to command hunger, the increased protein line, the easy to digest possibility, and the “low carb” variety.  If you want to get truly complex about it, medifast nonetheless does have additional alternatives readily available, but, slim fast has appear a lengthy way with this, so I am heading to simply call it a wash.

Energy / Carbs / Protein Content material: I know that number of men and women take into account these variables as critical as I do.  But my feeling and experience is that drinking food plan shakes is a waste of time if they are have way too numerous carbs and calories (and not ample protein) to get you into body fat burning method (known as ketosis.)  When I assess shakes, this is frequently where by medifast arrives out way on prime.  Lots of grocery retail store solutions contain way way too many calories and sugars, so let’s just take a glance.

If I in contrast just about every shake on the two plan, this post would take for good to go through, so I’m likely to go with what I come to feel are the most well known shakes on each options. This would be slim fast’s “primary” and medifast’s “55.” First up, let us look at slender speedy.  This shake has 220 calories, 25 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbs, and 10 grams of protein.  Now, onto medifast.  We are on the lookout at 90 calories, 10 grams of excess fat, 13 grams of carbs, and 11 grams of protein.

So how considerable is this change? I think it is really rather major.  In conditions of energy, you could consume two of the 55 and however have calories to spare.  And, 40 grams of carbs is in my opinion way too lots of to get you into ketosis.  At the incredibly the very least, you need to glance at the decreased carb solution if you are intrigued in slender quickly, but I have to inform you that even this possibility has close to 190 energy.

Flavor / Texture / Expense Comparison:  To be honest, other than the higher energy and carbs, the major downside that I see to the slender rapidly shakes is the chalky texture that these are sort of regarded for.  There are some good flavors, but there’s just not acquiring all over this odd texture.  This is my opinion and I realize that other folks may perhaps have a distinctive one.

Granted, the medifast completely ready combined shakes usually are not my preferred both in terms of texture.  But, the 55 are so adaptable that you can make confident that you get them creamy and light-weight. This helps make a large distinction to me.  If I am heading to stick with a diet regime, then I’m going to need for the food to be palatable.

In phrases of charge and price tag, there is not as huge a distinction as you may consider.  You’re searching at all over $8.50 for a situation of 6 for the slim speedy.  There is no denying that medifast charge a little a lot more, but if you acquire this as part of a package, you might be only spending close to $2.00 each.  This small difference is most surely really worth it to me due to the fact I might instead fork out somewhat more and really get rid of excess weight quite quickly and take pleasure in consuming the product. 

Also, Medifast delivers several other foodstuff (chili, soup, eggs, oatmeal, pudding, etcetera.) which provides you additional choices and retains you from finding as bored. This helps make it the far better selection in my individual impression, but absolutely everyone will have their have requirements in building this willpower.

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